Our Story




Alva Fitness is a fitness apparel company based out of Old Bridge, New Jersey. With one goal in mind, Alva promises to deliver premium clothing at a fraction of the cost. The brand was created by two brothers who share a love of fitness and fashion. While attending Rutgers University, they struggled to afford the premium clothes they desired for the gym. Instead of spending all of their money, they took matters into their own hands. Thus, Alva Fitness was born. 



Our goal is that by creating an affordable, yet luxurious brand, the fitness clothing industry will change to address customer satisfaction over making a large profit. At Alva Fitness, we ultimately believe that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive, nor should you have to pay more to get better quality.
We take a much different approach to our products than others, since our goal is to make products we truly love. Our process starts with an idea and then undergoes multiple changes until we love the look, the fit and the materials used. We would never offer something to you that we would not wear ourselves. 


Our commitment to our customers begins before our product hits the market. Since we prioritize customer satisfaction, we spend at least two months testing out the clothing before releasing it. Our aim is to create long lasting relationships with our customers by taking the extra time to verify our products are 100% before releasing them to the market. Alva Fitness is much more than a brand. We are a family trying to inspire our community, culture and world. 

Contact: info@alvafitness.com