Why We Shouldn’t Hate on New Years Resolutioners at the Gym

January 1st. A clean slate. A chance at a do-over. A chance for you to work at becoming a better “you.” Every year thousands of people set resolutions for themselves to achieve in the upcoming year, with the most common usually being to “ get in shape” this new year. The reasons for this goal usually ranges on a spectrum from wanting to achieve weight loss, to improving health, to becoming fit. With the new year, and these new goals, comes new gym-goers. However, when January comes around, regular gym-goers somehow magically feel a sense of empowerment and entitlement, and plant their noses so high in the sky that they feel that they are superior to any new person that walks through the door and it’s totally frustrating. We’ve heard and seen the complaints all over social media. “Hate going to the gym after New Year’s. Everyone who made a resolution to be in shape is here. Oh well. Two weeks we’ll be back to normal.”  But why do people who workout on the regular carry this “I’m better than them” attitude? The people who evangelize all year round about lifting and working out, are outraged by others who want to join in too. It just doesn’t make any sense. Don’t we remember the moment we first decided to workout. We may not have been resolutioners, but you and I were new once too and we all know the feeling. Gyms are intimidating places for people. Sometimes it requires true courage for someone just to walk through the door, let alone becoming vulnerable by beginning to exert energy in ways that are completely foreign to them. Shouldn’t we be lending encouragement & support, rather than judgement, ridicule, and further intimidation? So what if someone is using the weights you want or taking a little longer at the squat rack than you’d like. Chances are this happens on a regular day at the gym anyway. Lets have a little sympathy and think beyond ourselves.

As a community we fail the people that make the decision to get off the couch, join a gym, and change their lifestyle. It’s true that about 76% of people do not stick to their New Year’s Resolution according to MedialDaily.com. But you know what? That means 24% improve their lives permanently. Who are you to complain that they are taking up “your space?” Their workout is just as worthy as yours. Their health and happiness matters just as much yours. And whether someone works out three times this month and never goes again, or starts a lifelong commitment to this lifestyle, does not matter. You are NOT more important than they are. This year lets save the eyerolls, and the snarky tweets about the guy who was doing an exercise wrong. My advice? Do not be a part of the problem by turning people away with your attitude. Be a part of the solution by welcoming them and breaking down barriers. And as always, focus on yourself. That’s why we are here.

If you are one of the people who made it your resolution to get fit and healthy in 2017, good for you! I encourage you all to pursue your goals wholeheartedly and stick with them even when it gets difficult and you want to quit. Disregard the naysayers and remember that the most important thing about moving into a new year (or new day for that matter) is that it is a chance to be a better you. A chance to step out of your comfort zone. Embrace and grab ahold of the opportunities, possibilities, and challenges that find their way on to your path. Pursue your passions and don’t let setbacks or failures extinguish the fire that burns within. Remember why you started and feed your fire daily. Most importantly, learn to love the process, because the moment you reach your goal is short in comparison to the journey it takes to get there. Here’s to your growth- both physically & mentally.

And to everyone aspiring to achieve their fitness goals in 2017 remember:

1.) Progress takes time. If you expect change to happen overnight, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

2.) Ask for help. Ask a trainer to show you how to do something in order to properly perform an exercise and reduce the risk of injury.

3.) Write down your goals. You are more likely to get them done if you write them down and share them with someone you trust.

4.) Be kind to yourself. Believe in yourself and most of all know your worth. You are valuable.

5.) When you lack motivation, turn your brain off, be robotic like, get up and go. You’ll be thankful you did.

6.) If you crave something. Have it, move on, and kill your workout. Life is to be enjoyed and with that comes good. Balance is key.

7.). Do NOT compare yourself to anyone. Especially through social media. It’s your journey, your unique body, and your life.

8.) The most important transformation happens from within.

Stay Ambitious.

Sherein Abdelhady IG: s_abdelhady

Statistics provided by: www.medicaldaily.com

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