Top 10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga

  1. Yoga creates long, lean muscles so your body looks taller and more thin.
  2. Yoga strengthens the core, so you can create those six pack abs you’ve always wanted.
  3. Yoga increases mental focus, so you can get more done throughout the day and promote a positive attitude and mental wellness from within.
  4. Yoga opens your shoulders and helps you release tension where you primarily carry all that stress you build up, so you live a more carefree lifestyle.
  5. Yoga clothes. No really, have you ever put a pair yoga pants on? Or a tank? They are the most amazing clothes on the face of the earth, because they literally mold to your body so you move more freely--plus they’re super-stylish.
  6. Yoga teachers often offer in home sessions if you’re super busy or don’t like gyms--it’s a win win for those who like a private, one on one kinda workout.
  7. Yoga increases your range of motion, and helps build muscle due to increased blood flow which helps minimize recovery time.
  8. You’ll sleep better. Try Yoga Nidra for total muscle relaxation through breathing to drift away into a sweet slumber.
  9. Yoga is awesome for everyone--even those who have sustained injury. Specific yoga poses can help heal a spinal injury, a knee injury, help you prepare for a marathon, open your hips for emotional release (if you carry a lot of stress or “get the feels” a lot); because yoga connects the mind, body and spirit for a total body workout through breathing.
  10. Did I mention you get to wear the best clothes ever!? You can do yoga in them, sleep in them, go out in them (because they often make your booty look bangin’)--basically yoga clothes rule and it really is the best reason you should try yoga!
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